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PAC Director Wins First-Ever District Office Soup and Chili Competition

Chili and Soup Cookoff Winner

South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center Director Rachel Sorce recently won the What a Crock award at the first annual District Office Soup and Chili Competition with her Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. 

A dozen hungry judges blind-tasted the roomful of submissions and tie-breaking volunteer tasters had to be recruited to decide the winner between the Thai Chicken Noodle, Superintendent Deidre Roemer's Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, and Chili by PAC Box Office Manager & Marketing Director Michelle Majerus-Uelmen.

Along with bragging rights, Sorce took home a gift certificate from Better Together Cafe.


Board of Amusement

The event was organized by the newly constituted Board of Amusement.


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