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A Focus on Student Artwork

Spencer Henry Art
Moriah Gwyer Art

Moriah Gwyer

Moriah Gwyer is a senior at South Milwaukee High School enrolled in AP Art, working on compiling a portfolio with a common theme. This artwork is one of her final pieces of her High School career. In this piece she combines gouache paint and embroidery on paper with embroidery thread to add more art medium and try to branch out to different techniques. Her art style is fun and cute, she tries to incorporate a lot of color and symbolism by portraying hard subjects with more "upbeat" representation.

Victor Jensen Art

Victor Jensen

South Milwaukee High School Junior, “Victor Jensen ll” primarily works in 3D Art. He is influenced by his love of Norse Mythology and was inspired to make a sculpture of one of Norse Mythology’s prolific figures, “Jormungandr”. This sculpture titled “Jormungandr’s Wrath” is a depiction of the Serpent emerging from the sea right before he cripples a Viking ship.  

Wyatt Wartner Art

Wyatt Wartner

Wyatt Wartner likes to use scrapped electronics to make functional electronic art. These are two electronic glasses. The first lets others watch Batman on one lens, and refracts light bulbs into different colors. The second lets others play The Oregon Trail on one lens, through controls hooked up on the side. The other lens has a camera attached that hooks up to a specially rigged T.V., to display live footage.

Spencer Henry Art


Spencer Henry

This school year, Spencer Henry, a Senior, has focused on making artworks that revolve around the theme of performance. They juxtaposed angular, geometric lines with the natural textures and splatters of a paintbrush, which serves as a metaphor for how performance can affect a person. This painting was created on paper with India ink and white gel pen.

Mel Kveton art

Mel Kveton

South Milwaukee High School junior Mel Kveton’s “Sus Scrufa” is an acrylic painting purposed to illustrate the "affects affectation" can have on the self. 


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