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Today, we’re talking about student report cards – specifically Elementary school report cards, because they’re changing.

How and why would a report card change? Good question. We associate report cards, as a rule, with letter grades - A, A minus, B etcetera. Get an A or B, and you’re doing well. B- or C there might be some issues, Ds and Fs indicate problems. Pretty clear markers, but not very informative and not really how we assess how elementary students are doing.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Christie Gajewski is joining us today to talk about the change South Milwaukee elementary parents will see in the language on the report cards.

Deidre Roemer

American Education Week, Youth Apprenticeship Week, student celebrations, and a School Board continues to work on a potential referendum: Superintendent Deidre Roemer's bi-weekly update.

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Report cards are as a part of school as pencils and chalkboards. The goal of the report card is to give parents an idea of where their students are in their studies and an early warning sign that they might be struggling in a subject and need some help. 

Schools and school districts have report cards too – for many of the same reasons. 

Summer Morrison Alumni Update

Congratulations to Summer Morrison ('01) for her work with Green Bay Packer Running Back A. J. Dillion to create Quadzilla Finds His Footing - a children's book about trying new things. Morrison has a number of children's books she has illustrated. See them all at

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The mysterious music in this podcast replaces our signature tune in honor of today’s topic - our theater program, our student actors and the fall play – the murder-mystery-comedy Clue. 

student sewing

Sarai and other students recently explored how their sewing machines work in Clothing Design and Construction. The class is one of three electives available to students in the fashion and interior design industry. 

Emily Duelge

First-grade teacher Emily Duelge is a brand new teacher at Rawson Elementary School – but she’s no stranger to the school. Duelge (Pronounced DULL-GEE) is a South Milwaukee alum, attended Rawson Elementary School, and is teaching in the classroom next door to where she sat when she was a first grader.

SMWay Podcast: Bullying

In this episode, we’re learning about a new system to address bullying in South Milwaukee schools. Instances of student bullying and conflict have been managed from building to building. This year schools have access to new Department of Public Instruction resources to implement a District-wide system – one that’s being piloted in the Middle School.

Strategic Visioning Process Begins

On Tuesday, October 4th roughly 40 students, community members, teachers, and administrators joined Superintendent Deidre Roemer to begin the Strategic Visioning process that will eventually guide the District in its work.

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For some time, South Milwaukee has had an attendance problem, and over the last two years the District has worked to improve those rates – after all, you can’t improve reading or math skills, prepare for high school or pass a class to get credits to graduate if you’re not in school learning.

Senior Brady Ahler

Senior Brady Ahler is one of 16,000 students in the nation to be named a 2024 National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist.  That sounds like a lot of students, but Ahler was one of 1.2 million students to take the PSAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) last spring.

inside of the newly renovated fieldhouse

The 2023-24 school year saw some major improvements – some by choice, some not – at the High School. The building, which was built as part of a referendum, was built in 2004. The 20-year bond that financed the construction was paid off early in 2022, but like any investment, it needed its wear-and-tear components replaced. 

District Celebrates Field Project Milestone

September 8th, 2023, was an important day in the history of South Milwaukee Schools – it was the first day the newly renovated Spaltholz Field at Bucyrus Stadium hosted an official sporting event. Fittingly, it was the varsity home opener against rival Cudahy.

podcast art

It’s a new school year and an exciting time for our students and teachers. For a group of teachers in South Milwaukee, it’s REALLY a New Year, because it’s their first year.

Student nurse

Alejandra Blemontes knows how to work. At just 17, she has graduated early from South Milwaukee High School, works as a pharmacy technician, picks up waitress shifts at her godparents’ restaurant, and is enrolled in college to be a registered nurse. 

Podcast logo S2 Ep2

Season 2 Episode 2 - In this episode of the podcast were hearing from the unsung heroes of that American ritual of the first day of school. The Buildings and Grounds staff.

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Today we’re introducing South Milwaukee’s new superintendent, Deidre Roemer. We’ll hear a little bit about her family, her career, where she’s been, and what led her to South Milwaukee.