Career Pathways

Curriculum, college credit, and apprenticeship opportunities fast track students for careers after high school
Nursing Students

 There was a time when a high school student could celebrate getting a diploma on Saturday and start a well-paying job on Monday. In a way, for South Milwaukee students, that school to career path might be a reality again. 

On Monday, the School District of South Milwaukee announced that the high school earned a CESA Regional Career Pathways Certification. That means the high school has knitted together a series of courses for students that earn them industry-recognized credentials, dual credit courses with colleges, career-and-work-based experiences, and Career and Technical Student Organizations that will help launch students into careers after high school. 

The certification is given by the Cooperative Educational Services Agencies (CESA) in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Milwaukee 7, and reflects a state-wide effort to deliver high-quality career pathways that reflect the needs and vision of a regional collaborative group of employers, educators, and those in economic and workforce development. 

There are five “pathways” a school program could be certified for. South Milwaukee is certified in four of them: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing;

  • Architecture and Construction;

  • Business Administration - Finance; and

  • Patient Care.

“We know there is a dire need for nurses in our world today. Construction firms can’t find enough workers to meet the enormous demand for new commercial and residential buildings,” said Chris Daniels, the district’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. “This certification means our students will be highly sought after. They’ll be ready to work or be well on their way to professional licensure when they graduate.” 

“For decades, the goal was to aim for college acceptance because that was seen as a requirement for a fulfilling career. That pendulum has swung back,” High School Principal Bryan Terry said. 

“College is an important goal for our students, certainly. However, there are great careers out there for students who know what they want to do and are ready to start,” District Superintendent Jeffrey Weiss said. “These are vital, well-paying jobs, and these students will have a head-start in their careers because of our new pathways.”