Returning Student Registration

Returning students will not need to complete a full registration again.  Instead, families will need to complete an annual update of information.  This process will open on June 16 to be completed prior to August 15. 

On  Wednesday, June 16, returning families will be able to log into Infinite Campus to begin the Annual Update process.  The steps for completing this process are below.  Again, this will not be available until June 16.

1. Log in to Infinite Campus* at:

*If you are unable to login, please click here for support

2. Click on More in the left menu

3. Click on Online Registration

You will see a message about Existing Student Registration, along with the names of the children you will be updating.  You will also have the chance to add new students if needed.

4. Click on Begin Registration
5. Review all the pre-populated information and make changes as needed.  If there is information that needs to be changed that is greyed out, please contact your child’s school.  


  • The Parent/Guardian section will show a green check for each parent when completed.  Click Edit/Review for each parent/guardian to find missing information.
  • Emergency Contacts must be updated and cannot include parents.  A minimum of 2 Emergency Contacts is required.
  • Other Household - this is only for adding children who are NOT yet school-aged.  If a household member that you entered last year is now school aged, you will have the option to register that child - click Edit/Review and look for the check box at the bottom
  • The Student section has a few questions that need to be responded to and some that just need to be reviewed.  Again, you will know a child is complete when the green check appears in the Student menu.
  • The student section is also where you can add a new student.
  • Once you have reviewed and completed all five sections, you can Submit your annual update.