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School Resource Officers


The South Milwaukee Police Department (SMPD) and the School District of South Milwaukee (District) have worked collaboratively since 1988 to provide a police liaison officer in the middle school and the high school during the school year.  The position is also sometimes known as the juvenile officer or the school resource officer.  

High School
Officer Jacob Horsley

Middle School
Officer Adam Harnen

For emergencies: Call 911

For non-emergency Police matters, call the S.M. Police Dept. 414-768-8060

The School Resource Officers have several roles in the district.  One of the main purposes is to provide the students with the opportunity get acquainted with a police officer in an informal setting and help students recognize the positive aspects of the police system.  Additionally, an officer may speak with students in classrooms, hallways or small group meetings to educate students regarding the mission of the SMPD or regarding specific educational issues. Oftentimes the officer(s) will remind students to walk and not run through the hallway or step in to provide informal mediation when a discussion gets too rowdy in the lunchroom.

The liaison officer may also be involved in investigation of school rule violations.  Depending on the individual circumstance, the officer may help the administration by talking with student witnesses, search a locker or talk with those involved in the actual violation.  During this time, the officer is acting as a partner to the district and must follow the same types of rules that school principals must follow.  On occasion, the school violation may also be a South Milwaukee or State of Wisconsin ordinance/law violation.  When this occurs, the liaison officer must follow the SMPD or state rules regarding the incident, which may include issuing a ticket.  

Building positive relationships is a priority for the district and the SMPD.  Parents will not receive a phone call each time a liaison officer talks with your student.  If two students are visibly upset with each other in the hallway, the liaison officer may pull them over to the side to help resolve the issue and then send them on their way.  This typically would not result in a phone call home.  If the liaison officer is assisting the administration with a school violation, parents typically will receive a phone call from the school.  If the incident becomes a larger issue with beyond-school potential consequences, the liaison officer will be contacting the family.

School Resource Officers