Pupil Services

Members of our Pupil Services team work to accomplish the School District’s educational goals by helping to meet students’ academic, emotional, mental, social and physical health needs. The delivery of Pupil Services is child-centered. Decisions about assessments and interventions are based on a child’s needs, not organizational constraints. Pupil Services' providers seek solutions for students by cooperating, coordinating and collaborating with other professionals within the school and community to maximize resources in the best interest of the child.
Each member of the team brings a set of competencies and advanced training specific to his or her discipline that is necessary to meet the diverse needs of student populations. Each member of the various disciplines also has been trained to work within the school environment and within the context of student learning and healthy development in order to promote student success and achievement.  

Leo Eckman, Director 414-766-5040
Amber Bondeson, Secretary 414-766-5041
Fax: 414-766-5030