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Enjoy the freedom of a flexible fitness program.

Join classes from home or workout at your gym. Along with access to a network of 15,000+ fitness centers across the nation, Silver&Fit members get access to free daily workouts on Facebook Live and Youtube along with exclusive on-demand workouts, which include Cardio, Strength, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Mediation, and Cycling. Available through participating Medicare plans. Not all plans offer all features.

To qualify, you must have a Medicare health plan that offers the Silver& Fit program.

What do I get with a Silver&Fit Membership?

In addition to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the programs listed above, your membership offers use of the South Milwaukee Fitness Center, Walking Track, Basketball court, and basic amenities.  There may be a fee for services not included in a basic membership such as personal training or the Adult Exercise classes through our Rec Department.  Once you enroll in a Silver&Fit participating site, you can visit any Silver&Fit location in the country.  Your primary membership will remain at the location where you originally enrolled. 

Registration for Silver&Fit Online is easy, so get started now!

To view healthplans that participate in Silver&Fit, click here.

If you experience problems or need assistance, contact Customer Service department toll-free at 1-877-427-4788, Monday-Friday 7 am to 8 pm eastern time.  If your plan doesn’t offer Silver&Fit, ask when they’ll be adding this valuable benefit!

You may also contact Adam Voss, South Milwaukee Fitness Center Manager at 766-5083 for additional information.