Online Math Resources

The following math resources are recommended by the District and align with the instructions that are taking place in the classroom.  Please use these often for yourself, and with your children.

Online Support for Investigations Math

Pearson Realize is the online support tool for Math Investigations. This online platform provides classroom teachers and students with resources to assist in practicing and learning math. Below are two links that will provide easy access to two areas of the program that seem the most helpful to parents and students.

Math games -
Using this link will provide access to all of the math games available in the Investigations program grades K-5. These are the same games students play during their math class to build fluency and understanding of number operations. These are not typical video games that students should work with on their own. The games provide a perfect opportunity to engage in math conversations with your child while playing a game together.

Math Words and Ideas -
Using this link will provide access to math videos and other resources that teachers use to help students understand challenging math concepts. These resources provide background on math strategies, tools and other number ideas students are working on. Videos are interactive and can be a terrific way to view with your child.

Math Playground
Story Problems and Tape Diagram practice

Math Playground - Games