Wisconsin's Adopted Academic Standards

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The School District of South Milwaukee is committed to using benchmarked and rigorous standards that set the highest expectations for student learning. Keeping in line with our Moral Imperative:
“The SDSM acts with a relentless commitment to remove barriers and care for all students so they feel accepted and will learn without exception.”

The School District of South Milwaukee implements a K-12 curriculum based on the adoption of rigorous academic standards and social-emotional learning competencies. These standards set the stage for our expectations for what students should know and be able to do throughout their educational journey.
While the standards/competencies set the benchmark for expectations, the curriculum is the detailed process outlining how the students will meet the expectations. As part of the curriculum development process, educators in South Milwaukee identify the activities, instructional strategies, resources, and assessments that ensure the students are learning according to the standards.

We remain committed to the standards that the School Board has previously approved, and regularly evaluate and update the standards based on the WI DPI suggested timeline for review and adoption of standards.
As students are exposed to a variety of assessments, formal and informal, standardized and locally based, we will use the standards to support our alignment to the skills and concepts necessary for career and college readiness. Academic and Social Emotional Learning standards and competencies are established by a variety of agencies including, federal and local organizations and school districts. 

The School District of South Milwaukee has local control of the development of the curriculum, implementation, and assessment process. This means that groups of dedicated educators gather to discuss the best ways to meet the needs of all students in each and every classroom.
The School District of South Milwaukee School Board has previously reviewed and approved the curriculum being implemented, as well as reviews and formally adopts the academic standards on an annual basis.  We are confident that we will continue to deliver a high-quality curriculum that meets or exceeds all adopted standards. 

The School District of South Milwaukee has adopted the following academic standards:

Academic Area 

Academic Standard

Art and Design

Wisconsin Standards for Art and Design

Business and Information Technology

Wisconsin Standards for Business and Information Technology

Computer Science

Wisconsin Standards for Computer Science


Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model/Standards

Early Learning 

Wisconsin Standards for Early Learning

English Language Arts

WI  State Standards for English Language Arts 

Family & Consumer Sciences

Wisconsin Standards for Family and Consumer Science


Wisconsin Standards for Health

Health Science

Wisconsin Standards for Health Science (CTE)

Information Technology and Literacy

Wisconsin Standards for Information Technology and Literacy

Marketing, Management, & Entrepreneurship

Wisconsin Standards for Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship


Wisconsin Standards for Math


Wisconsin Standards for Music

Personal Financial Literacy

Wisconsin Standards for Personal Financial Literacy

Physical Education

Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education


Wisconsin Standards for Science 

SEL Competencies 

Wisconsin Social Emotional Learning Competencies

Social Studies

Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies

Technology and Engineering

Wisconsin Standards for Technology and Engineering

World Language

Wisconsin Standards for World Language