Students take State Honors - Heading to Nationals

Teaching, Cooking Students take State Honors - Heading to Nationals
Kristina and AutumnFlan, a caramel custard dessert, isn’t the hardest thing to make, but it can go sideways quickly. Kristina, a senior, knows the recipe by heart, the same heart that sank when the flan she made at the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America State Championships was a bit overcooked and started cracking.
“I had to clean it up and make it presentable,” she said, recalling the panic she felt.
The other teen chefs she was up against had the same problem, but it was her presentation and decorative magic that convinced the judges and made her a state champion.
While Kristina stressed over her flan, fellow Senior, Autumn, was impressing another panel of judges with her Early Childhood lesson plan. She was only given 20 minutes to develop a lesson on the alphabet and numbers for 6-8 year-olds.
“I used the book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,” Autumn said. “And I made an arts and crafts project out of it.” 
Both students earned a spot in the national competition in San Diego, California in June.
It’s going to be a long six days of meetings, preparation, and then the contest itself,” Kristina said. “I’m excited, I'm very nervous about meeting other people from other states (but) I’m a friendly person, I’ll figure it out.” 
The next hurdle for the two students, however, is to get them and FCCLA teacher Jean Utte airfare, meals, and hotel stays so they can compete. 
“We’re not starting from zero,” FCCLA teacher Ishmael Simmons said, “But we’ve got some money to raise to get them there.” 
The estimated cost for the trip is roughly $7,500 - an amount the district won’t be able to provide. Simmons said his classes are raising money with a barbecue and other food-based fundraisers. “We think we can do it - we can send our state champs to the national competition,” Simmons said. “We’ll just need a little bit of help from the community.”
To learn how you can contribute, contact the High School office at 414-766-5100.