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Referendum 2024 - Safe, Supported, and Successful - Vote April 2

The School District of South Milwaukee takes great pride in its role as a core community asset. Our community expects high-quality opportunities for its students—something our school district has delivered for generations.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, residents will vote on a new $2 million five-year, non-recurring operational referendum to ensure our students continue to have access to the high-quality educational experiences they need and deserve.

What does it mean?

About the Referendum

Our Plan

Prioritizing security upgrades at our schools is key. Additional cameras, door locks requiring electronic keyfob swipes, and taking measures to improve traffic safety on 15th Avenue will increase safety for our students.

SDSM needs to address projected budget deficits and ensure we retain staff so we can provide consistency for our students.

Enhanced career exploration starting in elementary school will give students exposure to more career-specific skills. As they move through the school system, students will have access to intentional planning to ensure they are taking advantage of all the courses we offer to prepare them for their choice of college, career, or the military.

Technology investments will ensure students have the latest tools to learn and prepare for life after high school.

Board Members: Why I Voted to Go to Referendum

Latest Board Discussions

communication plan image

Excerpt from the December 13, 2023 School Board meeting hearing about a draft communication plan to be implemented if the Board chooses to add a referendum to the 2024 spring ballot. 

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Our community will vote on a proposed operational referendum on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. An approved referendum will enable the district to exceed its revenue limit by $2 million per year for the next five years.

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