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Since its founding, the School District of South Milwaukee has provided a public education that prepared students for life working in Wisconsin and beyond. For most of its history, the District taught the children of the city’s mill and factory workers. As the economy has changed, so has the community and the District, but many small-town characteristics remain. Students in this small city by Lake Michigan still walk to its schools, where they’re greeted personally by their principals and teachers. 

The school district has four elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. Roughly 2,800 students are educated in the district from 3K-12th grade, and live within walking distance to their schools. 

The District’s industrial past is honored to this day with a modern Career and Technical Education program. The CTE program has six certified career education pathways in Advanced Manufacturing; Architecture and Construction, Business Administration - Finance, and Patient Care. In a nod to the past and an embrace of the present needs of these industries, our CTE grads often walk across the stage one day and start their careers the next.

For those who have college aspirations, South Milwaukee helps students earn early college credit with 14 Advanced Placement courses in math, science, literature, art and design and government. Additionally, students have more than 50 possible technical college credits available to them in the fields in courses like 3D Modeling, Advance Accounting, ProStart (cooking), child care, and teaching.

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