Promotion & Graduation Policy

Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

The department chairs, administration and guidance personnel of South Milwaukee High School have prepared this web page for students and parents to aid in the planning of a four-year course of study.

The South Milwaukee High School curriculum focuses on the skills needed by all students, and emphasizes higher-level skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. The recognition of the specific skills and credits needed by all students is represented in our graduation requirements. South Milwaukee High School recognizes excellence through a variety of programs, course offerings, testing programs, and awards and scholarships.

Parents play a key role in the development of the plans for their child's education program. Planned communication with parents about the progress of their child is a critical part of the district's plan to meet student needs. Examples of this planned communication include: annual parent conferences, parent notification of test scores, staffings or special parent conferences to discuss student needs and programs, and on-going communication with parents concerning student attendance, grades, summer school programming, and secondary school program planning.

University and technical college requirements as well as job entry skills are constantly changing. It is most important that you make every effort to be an informed consumer. The teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators are prepared to assist with program planning and course selection. Since individual needs, interests, abilities and goals differ, it is important that each student develop a program that meets all of the requirements for graduation and fulfills their specific objectives for career plans, vocational/technical training, or a college education.

If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Beth Kaminski
South Milwaukee High School Principal



A four-year plan will be developed with each student and used as a guide throughout the student's high school career.

Students are requested to accumulate specified credit levels by graduation. Periodic updates to this plan will occur as needed. Student progress is closely monitored through grading, credit checks, parent conferences, on-line student software program (PowerSchool), and on-going communications between teachers, the student and their guidance counselor. In order to graduate students must successfully earn sufficient credits as listed on page 1 & 2.

Beginning in the ninth grade and continuing each year thereafter, the guidance counselors will review student academic performance based on credit acquisition.

Although students normally attend high school for four (4) years, some students many need a longer time to accumulate the required credits.

Early graduation may be allowed if a student has completed the required credits. Students who meet all academic requirements for graduation by the end of their seventh semester at South Milwaukee High School may request early graduation. If this request is approved, students who receive any failures in courses required for graduation after approval automatically eliminate approval of this request.

In order for the request for early graduation to be considered, the following conditions must be met:

  • Complete and submit the early graduation application.
  • Include a brief rationale on why you and/or your family are requesting early graduation.
  • Meet with parent(s)/guardian, counselor and principal regarding class rank, standardized testing, scholarship opportunities, graduation requirements and post-graduation plans.
  • Successfully complete required coursework and total number of credits required to graduate.
  • Complete graduation exit interview and all applicable paperwork.

Detailed information about course requirements and prerequisites are available in the Career Planning Guide.