The SM Way!

Character Education is teaching how to know, believe and do your best for self and others.  We practice character education each and every day in all of our South Milwaukee Schools.

Respect - Treating self and others with dignity and acceptance.

Know - I need to be considerate of myself and others.
Believe - I understand and appreciate the diverse beliefs and values of others.
Do - I will treat self and others with dignity and acceptance.

Responsibility - Being accountable for choices, words, and actions.

Know - I know that I am accountable for the choices I have made.
Believe - I believe I have the ability to make the right choices and do the right thing.
Do - I will do what I need to do without being prompted or asked. If I do not know what to do, then I will ask.

Honesty - Being trustworthy, sincere, and truthful while acting with integrity.

Know - I will tell the truth and I will know when to report something to an adult.  I also know that honesty is the way to gain trust and respect.
Believe - I am honest because I believe it’s important to tell the truth.
Do -  I will tell the truth even when it’s hard.

Perseverance - Pursuing a positive goal and not giving up in spite of challenges.

Know- I know I have goals to achieve and I may have to use various strategies to accomplish those goals.
Believe - When there are obstacles, I won’t give up and will maintain a positive attitude
Do - I will believe in myself and my abilities. I will use problem solving strategies in my academic and personal life. I will challenge myself to take a task to completion.

Kindness - Being friendly and considerate while displaying empathy and understanding.

Know- I know I need to acknowledge, identify, and accept my feelings as well as the feelings of others.
Believe - I believe that everyone deserves empathy and understanding.
Do - I will be aware of and sensitive to, the feelings of myself and others in order to be considerate and friendly to others at all times.