Building a Meal - Middle School & High School

The LUNCH MEAL DEAL from our Food Courts are only $2.50.  

Students choosing to not build a meal, as described, will be charged a la carte prices for each item.  

The cost for an extra entree is $2.00.


Main Entrée Items:

Daily Entrée Choice (see menu)



Chicken Sandwich

Specialty Item






choose (1) one

    Side Dish Items:

Fresh Fruit

Canned Fruit

Hot Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

Salad (small)


Small Soup (seasonal)

Juice Cup or Juicy Juice

Dessert/Treat (when available)

*Milk Choice

choose (3) three-including at least one serving of a fruit or vegetable

*Milk ½ pints include:  1% White, Skim White, Skim Chocolate, & Skim Strawberry.

BREAKFAST is offered each day at all South Milwaukee Schools for only $1.15.  Please refer to the Breakfast Menus for you students' school(s).  Students may choose 3 breakfast items from a variety of items offered.  One item must be either a fruit, juice, or vegetable.  Please note that some main entrees may count as 2 items.