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Student of the Week 1st grade  2-3-2017
Student of the Week 2nd grade 2-3-2017
Student of the Week 3rd grade 2-3-2017
Student of the Week 4th grade 2-3-2017
Student of the Week 5th grade 2-3-2017
Group Students of the Week 2-3-2017

Dear Rawson Families -

It was great to see the Rawson School Community come together for the Decades Dance last Friday.  Special thanks to the parents that helped make it possible.  Currently, there are no parents willing to help plan next year’s Decades Dance.  Without the efforts of volunteers, we run the risk of not having such a fun, impactful event.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping in any way.  Many hands make light work.   Below are updates as to a few of the many ways we promote student success and safety:

Rawson Spring Concert – Please note that the Spring Concert will be over two nights since we will be using the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.  Kg, Grade 2, and 4 will perform on Wednesday, March 29th.  Grades 1, 3 and 5 will perform on Thursday night, March 30th.  We are excited to use the beautiful facility with more parking!

The Great Kindness Challenge – We joined thousands of other schools across America in promoting kindness, supporting the effort to build a school in Pakistan, and celebrating the ways students help each other each day.  Our coin drive, participation in Spirit Days, and an all school assembly were very successful.  The district donated over $1,500.  During Parent Teacher Conferences, please check out our Kindness Chain assembled with links from each classroom.  Thanks for your donations and for allowing your student to show their school spirit.

Wolf of the Week – Rawson Elementary has continued our weekly recognition of one student in each grade through the Wolf of the Week. A “Student of the Week” lawn sign is delivered to their home to be proudly displayed for the week.  After the week, the sign is mysteriously moved to the home of next week’s honoree.  Please see Rawson’s website to see pictures of Wolves of the Week.  Families of Students of the Week can share your own photos with us at school.  We’d love to post them!

Cold Weather Reminders - A reminder that students will be allowed into the building early on mornings with inclement weather.  When the weather is below a “feels like” temperature of 10 degrees, students will be allowed in at 8:15 am.  Despite this safety measure, it is always necessary to dress for the weather.

As usual, we need you to show kindness and respect when entering, parking, and exiting our parking lot.  Please remember that we share that space together and our students deserve a safe, respectful environment at their school.


Mr. Jacobs