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The gift of literacy opens many opportunities for our children. Students can read and write about captivating places, people or things. The ability to read and comprehend creates a child who can self-teach and understand and apply new concepts in any subject. The evolution on how adolescents interact with text in the 21st century has been immense. They must be able to comprehend and construct information using print and nonprint materials in fixed and virtual platforms across disciplines. According to the International Reading Association, adolescent literacy is “the ability to read, write, understand and interpret, and discuss multiple texts across multiple contexts.” The expectations for adolescents in the 21st Century are:

  • Read a variety of texts including, but not limited to, traditional print text and digital (multimodal) text.

  • Author words and images in fixed domains as well as multimodal settings.

  • Talk about a variety of texts with others, including teachers, peers, members of their own communities, and the larger world population.

  • Interact with text in discipline-specific ways within and across all subjects inclusive of, but not limited to, electives, career and technical education, and visual and performing arts.

South Milwaukee Middle School is committed to creating a strong connection between school and family. As part of this commitment, I am excited to announce that our Third Annual Rocket Family Night is scheduled for Thursday, April 23, from 5:15-7:30 pm.  Rocket Family Night will give parents and children the opportunity to learn more about literacy at South Milwaukee Middle School. The current state assessment data we have on our students in relation to literacy is alarming. The work in increasing the literacy skills of our students is a joint effort between school and home. The focus of Rocket Family will be to give an accurate picture of our students and provide strategies that will help support the efforts within our school. We will be discussing the future plans South Milwaukee Middle School has for addressing the literacy performance of our students. In addition, we will have activities that focus on healthy lifestyles, and drawings for a bunch of great prizes as well. Please come join us for dinner and find out what you can do with your children to support our efforts. Dinner will be served from 5:15-5:50 with literacy and healthy lifestyle sessions beginning at 6:00 pm.

As we continue to plan for this event, we could always use more help. If you are interested in helping our Parent Advisory Group plan this event, please email me at I am looking forward to a wonderful event.

Jim Hendrickson


International Reading Association. (2012). Adolescent literacy (Position statement, Rev. 2012 ed.). Newark, DE: Author.


Although we are only 4 months into the school year, the district has already begun preparations for next school year.  During the next two months, the middle and high school guidance staff will spend time with the 8th grade class preparing them for life at the high school.  The South Milwaukee High School Career Planning Guide will be reviewed along with important information about career goals.  This information should be used to assist students in choosing a course of study that meets their career interests and post-high school aspirations.  Students and parents should start having discussions about post-high school goals and develop a plan of study that aligns with these goals.  In addition to your student receiving this information, the Career Planning Guide is available online.  Go to, click on Schools, High School, Course Offerings and Selection Process, Career Planning Guide.

An Incoming Freshman Orientation Program is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in the High School PAC.  Following the program, parents and students will have an opportunity to talk with high school administrators, counselors, department representatives and coaches/advisors.  High school guidance counselors will meet with your students on Wednesday, February 25 in small groups to input their course selections online utilizing PowerSchool.

We are excited about having your students join the High School “family” and look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions, please contact the middle school or high school guidance office.


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