Head Lice Procedures

The school district maintains a no head lice and no nit procedure in an effort to control the spread of lice among students.  This procedure means children are sent home if live lice or nits are found in their hair.  A student cannot return to school until they are free of all nits and lice.  Any signs of lice, whether living, dead, or gestating will result in the student being sent home.

When the school is notified by a family that a student has head lice, the student is checked when they return to the building.  If a family does not notify the school, no check will occur.

Any time there are 2 or more confirmed cases of students in one classroom with lice, a letter will be sent to all families from that classroom informing them to check their student for possible lice infestation.  A confirmed case is defined as a student being found to have lice or nits while in the building.

When students are sent home, families will be provided with instructions for treatment.  With proper treatment, students are usually able to return to school within 24 hours.

Also, please remind students not to share winter items such as hats and scarves.