Parent Teacher Conferences

2016-17 Lakeview Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule

(Conference sign-up sheets for your child's classroom will be made available in the Lakeview Media Center during our

August 30, Open House Event from 6PM-8PM)

Wednesday, October 5 - 4PM-8PM

Thursday, October 6 - 4PM-8PM

Wednesday, February 15 - 4PM-8PM

Thursday, February 16 4PM-8PM

(Parents and Teachers each contribute to a successful conference. Working together will guarantee a productive conversation regarding your child's progress in school.)

What Parent's Should Contribute to Conferences

Your child's reaction to school

Evidence of initiative and creativeness in the home

Health problems and special handicaps and/or concerns

Home responsibilities and duties; out-of-school activities

Response to rules and regulations in the home; hobbies, special interests and abilities

Relationship with other members of the family

Problems in the home which the parents feel will help the teacher to "know" the child


What Teachers Should Contribute to Conferences

The child's progress in his/her classroom work

Work habits at school

Interests, attitudes, aptitudes and abilities

Relationship with teacher and other staff members

Evidence of initiative, originality and responsibility in school situations

Social adjustment, relationships with other children in the classroom, on the playground and in other groups

Repsonse to school rules, regulations and procedures