Lakeview Library Media Center (LMC) Project

The Lakeview 21st Century Library Media Center Task Force made the commitment to transform the current library space into a 21st Century environment that represents the "hub" of the Lakeview Family when considering collaborative opportunities for learning, connections to the world, personalized journeys to highlight individual learning styles and interests, and enhancing community connections.

The LMC Task Force developed a vision statement and a 3-year plan for converting the existing library space into a state-of-the-art environment for Lakeview Family members and the South Milwaukee community. The Lakeview LMC Vision Statement is as follows:

In support of the South Milwaukee District vision and mission, Lakeview Elementary seeks to create a 21st Century Library Media Center (LMC) that strives to be a center of collaborative, personalized learning that affords opportunities for students to appreciate literature and the cultural arts, to learn creative thinking skills, to become critical seekers of information and ideas, and to use instructional and educational technology effectively so they become independent life-long learners and decision makers.

PHASE 1: Over the 2014 summer, major changes occurred in the Lakeview LMC. They included:

  • New window installation
  • New carpet installation
  • Removal of wall separating the library space and computer lab
  • Vibrant painted walls
  • Genrefication of entire library book collection (thanks to staff and parent volunteers!)

PHASE 2: Over the 2015-16 school year, additional changes were made which included:

  • A major reconfiguration of the LMC floorplan, creating individual classroom space, small and large group spaces
  • Furniture purchases that included: interlocking, mobile "puzzle-shaped" tables to accomodate a variety of LMC participants; feedback chairs that provide each individual with the motion feedback they may require; large, mobile foam pieces of furniture for LMC participants to lounge on while reading, all financed through Lakeview building budget funds and Lakeview PTO funds
  • Mrs. Ramirez, our Lakeview Art Teacher, facilitated student groups in a number of artistic design and painting projects that provided rich, colorful, mobile bookshelves for the LMC
  • A large interactive whiteboard was mounted on a LMC wall for classroom / grade level use
  • A "green screen" was also placed on the wall for students to begin exploring broadcasting and filming opportunities
  • Mrs. Tierney's family member created a magical, life-like tree that students sit around on real tree stumps to read

Stay tuned for future LMC updates!!!!!!wink


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