For any questions regarding transcripts, please call the Guidance Office at (414) 766-5101.


Transcript Form for 2008 Graduates and ealier
For students who graduated in 2008 and earlier, please follow the link above for the appropriate form to request transcripts. You may mail in the form with payment (check or money order only), or bring the form with payment to the High School Main Office (801 15th Avenue - main entrance Door #9) for processing. Payment cannot be made with credit or debit cards.


Ordering Transcripts:
All transcripts for students beginning with graduates in the class of 2009 are now processed through Parchment.  This includes transcripts for Colleges, Universities, Scholarships, Apprenticeships, etc.  You will need to request transcripts through Parchment Secure Transcript at  Each transcript requested is $6.  Plan accordingly, it takes about 5 business days for a transcript to be processed and arrive at the designated institution or organization.

It is very important to enter all of your information correctly – misspellings or incorrect dates can hold up the process of your transcript. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page titled "Student Instructions for Parchment" for detailed instructions.

Meeting Deadlines:
All College/University and Scholarship applications and any accompanying material must be turned in to your guidance counselor for processing at least 5 business days before the deadline date. There will be no exceptions to this 5 day rule.

Take care of any obligations!  Outstanding obligations will hold up the processing of applications.  Transcripts will be held along with college applications and scholarship applications until the obligation has been satisfied and/or paid in full.  This is school policy – check your student agenda (pg. 27 & 48).

Process for Scholarships:
If you have a scholarship that you would like to apply for follow these steps…

  1. Check the deadline date.
  2. Follow all directions and gather all information that is needed for the scholarship.
  3. In-house scholarships do not require “official transcripts” therefore see your guidance
    counselor to determine if you are required to order on official transcript through Parchment or if we can process the scholarship with an un-official transcript.

  4. If the scholarship requires an official transcript…At least 5 business days before the deadline date, order your transcript through Parchment  ($6 fee).  When ordering your transcript, list the name of the sponsor for the scholarship and their address.  DO NOT list South Milwaukee High School as the recipient.

Student Instructions for Parchment

Student Instructions for Parchment