Student Work Permit

Students who need a Work Permit can obtain the necessary form in the Main Office.  Students are encouraged to complete and turn in all necessary paperwork at least two (2) business days prior to the date they begin work to allow for processing time. Student work permits may be denied or revoked for reasons including, but not limited to: habitual truancy, failing grades, etc. 

Permit Requirements:

A Work Permit Request form must be completed and signed by the employer*, a parent/guardian*, and the student’s Guidance Counselor* before turning it in for processing.

*Note:  A letter from the employer or the parent/guardian with their signature can also be accepted for the necessary signatures required on the form. A guidance signature is not required during summer months.

The form should be turned in before classes at the beginning of the school day, whenever possible.

When turning in the request form, students must present all supporting documentation to include: an original birth certificate**, original Social Security card, and a $10.00 deposit (cash or check only). The student will be reimbursed the $10 by the employer in their first paycheck. 

**Note: If a Birth Certificate is not available, these are other acceptable supporting documents: driver's license, baptismal record.

The student requesting the Work Permit must pick it up, as it requires their signature for release.  Permits should be picked up after school.

Students should not be placed in situations where they are alone or without adult supervision.
(Wis. Employment of Minors Guide-Equal Rights Division)

Child Labor Law Guide