Confidentiality of Records

South Milwaukee School Board policy includes provisions, allowable under law, whereby the school may release the following designated directory information without written consent:

• Student Name
• Date of Birth
• Parent/Guardian Name
• Dates of Attendance
• Grade Level
• Participation in Activities & Sports
• Weight and Height (athletic team members only)
• Student Degree & Awards
• School Most Recently/Previously Attended
• Student Photograph (if checked, photo will not be in yearbook or any other publication)

The information listed above would be released as appropriate by the school unless the parent, legal guardian, guardian ad litem, or eligible student (18 or older) notifies the school in writing (Request to Withhold Directory Data form) of their wishes that the school withhold all or part(s) of the information. Within the first three weeks of the school year, the school district will publish in the official district newspaper the categories of information designated as directory data by the Board.  After publication, any parent, legal guardian, guardian ad litem, or eligible student (18 or older) has fourteen (14) days to request changes.  Please contact the main office for a Request to Withhold Directory Data form.  All previous requests on file with the South Milwaukee Public Schools remain in effect.  Contact the main office with any questions or concerns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents who choose to withhold data must designate an exception to printing that information in the yearbook in order for the student’s name and picture to appear in the yearbook. Please use the form below to withhold information.

Withhold Directory Data