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Athletes In The News!

Check out the FANTASTIC story Tom Pipines did last week on Rocket Football and Michael Christensen and his family. If you want to know why participating in athletics and activities and being involved in something bigger than yourself like a team is important, watch this story linked down below. If you want to see character education and the SM WAY (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Perseverance, and Kindness in action, just watch this story!

PREPS PLUS - Josh Janusiak
Preps plus filmed their broadcast at SMHS this week and it will feature our very own Josh Janusiak on Sunday night at 11:07pm on TMJ4 (Channel 1004 and Channel 83 on TWC)! 

Set your DVR's for a little bit longer than the show runs due to the likelihood that it will run late from the Sunday Night Football game.

Here is the link to the website which will show the broadcast next week. Keep in mind this link shows previous shows, not shows that are yet to air. This will be updated on Monday to include Josh and the Rockets.


SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SOUTH MILWAUKEE                                


Athletic Benefit Plan (Voluntary)

All student athletes in grades 9-12 who have parents/guardians permission to participate may be covered by this plan. The cost for the plan is stipulated by the carrier and is paid by the student. A student shall be covered for preparation for, or participation in, interscholastic competition when his/her fee has been paid to the school. 

Protection is provided for injuries occurring while the student is engaged in practice or participation in interscholastic athletics. It is not health protection and the plan will not accept the responsibility for treatment that is not the direct result of an accident. It provides enrolled student athletes scheduled indemnity benefits to assist in meeting the cost of medical care in the event of accidental injury. 

The maximum benefit for any accident is only that which is provided in the schedule of benefits included in the information that is given to all students enrolled in the plan.

The insurance carrier is 1st Agency. Students must sign up for this insurance program on their website.

  • Choose “Wisconsin” and “South Milwaukee” to gain access to the appropriate school plan.

High School Activity Group Events

South Milwaukee High School has many activity groups and clubs available for students. For more information, please call the Activities/Athletics Office.

The Student Agenda outlines clubs and activities that have been offered in the past and will be provided whenever adequate student interest and sufficient funds exist.  A new club may be organized if a sufficient number of students participate, a faculty sponsor is found, and the funds exist to cover expenses.

2013-2014 Slide Show

Girls Swim

Be Like Mike Basketball Game

Winter Cheer

Softball Sectional 2014

The Rock Celebrates Veteran's Day

Boys Tennis 2014

Girls Track 2014

Faculty/Student Basketball Game (May 2014)

Red Out Assembly

Softball Sectional 2014

Guy/Girl Pom Routine (Spring 2014)

Honoring Our Veterans

Varsity Football

Girls Track 2014

Girls Volleyball

Midsummer Night's Dream

Cheer State Competition

Freshman Football

Girls Tennis

Track@State 2014

Faculty/Student Basketball Game (May 2014)

Assembly Spring 2014

JV Football

Track@State 2014

Boys Volleyball

Girls Track 2014

Boys Tennis 2014

Softball Sectional 2014