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Rocket Sports Schedules


Website links for individual Activity/Athletic groups
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August 28 Rocket Update 


2015 Graduation DVD's are now available for pick-up in the Activities & Athletics Office during open office hours. People who already ordered DVD's will receive an email/phone call to let them know they are ready. If you did not order a DVD, but would like to do so, please call the Athletic Office (414-766-5071) to order a copy. Copies will only be made for those who order them.

The cost is $5.00 for each DVD, and may be paid in cash or check (payable to South Milwaukee High School). Payment is due upon pick-up.


2015-16 Required Sports Forms
are available online
(links in the right sidebar)

All athletes (including Cheer & Poms) must have the following records/payment filed in the Athletic Office BEFORE students can participate in any sport.  Please make sure to take care of these items no later than 2-3 days PRIOR to the beginning date, including tryouts, for the sport in which the student chooses to participate. Do not wait until the day the sport begins to avoid any delays.

Please follow this link for the Fall sports beginning schedules, and coach contact information.

1.    Physical Form - forms are available in the High School Athletic Office and online in the rigth sidebar.

  • Physical form must be signed by a doctor or nurse practitioner, a parent/guardian, and the student.
  • Must provide health insurance information. If no family health insurance is available, supplemental insurance must be purchased – information is available on this webpage.
  • If the student is taking a sport for the first time, or their physical is before April 1, 2014, then the student must have the WIAA Physical form completed by a physician/nurse practitioner. 
  • If the student is in the alternate year of a sport, and their physical date is April 1, 2014 or later, then the student must have the WIAA Alternate Year Physical form signed by a parent. 

2.    Athletic Fee
The South Milwaukee High School Athletic fee is $75 per student per sport with various individual and family maximums. Students who are unable to pay all or part of the fee at the time of sign-up will automatically be placed on a payment plan. Details about the maximums are in the right sidebar.

3.    WIAA Concussion Form 
Concussion forms are required to be submitted once each school year if a student plays any sport. Both the student and a parent must sign this form and turn it in to the Athletic Office prior to participating in any sport. 

4.    WIAA Eligibility Information Form
The WIAA Eligibility Information form is required to be submitted once each school year if a student plays any sport. Both the student and a parent must sign this form and turn it in to the Athletic Office prior to participating in any sport. 

5.    Practice Permit Issue

  • A Practice Permit is required for each student for each sport, and must be obtained prior to participating in any sport.
  • Practice Permits are only issued in the High School Activities & Athletics Office during business hours. Students must come to get their own permits, as it requires a student signature.
  • Practice Permits must be presented to the Coach on the first day of practice. Failure to obtain a Practice Permit may result in the student not being able to participate.

6.    Athletic Schedules
Schedules for WIAA sports are available online at www.woodlandconference.org. Directions & maps are also available on the website, and an option to set up notifications (“Notify Me”) for immediate cancellations and updates. Individual sports website links are available in the left menu bar.

High School Activity Group Events

South Milwaukee High School has many activity groups and clubs available for students. For more information, please call the Activities/Athletics Office.

The Student Agenda outlines clubs and activities that have been offered in the past and will be provided whenever adequate student interest and sufficient funds exist.  A new club may be organized if a sufficient number of students participate, a faculty sponsor is found, and the funds exist to cover expenses.


SCHOOL DISTRICT OF SOUTH MILWAUKEE                                


Athletic Benefit Plan (Voluntary)

All student athletes in grades 9-12 who have parents/guardians permission to participate may be covered by this plan. The cost for the plan is stipulated by the carrier and is paid by the student. A student shall be covered for preparation for, or participation in, interscholastic competition when his/her fee has been paid to the school. 

Protection is provided for injuries occurring while the student is engaged in practice or participation in interscholastic athletics. It is not health protection and the plan will not accept the responsibility for treatment that is not the direct result of an accident. It provides enrolled student athletes scheduled indemnity benefits to assist in meeting the cost of medical care in the event of accidental injury. 

The maximum benefit for any accident is only that which is provided in the schedule of benefits included in the information that is given to all students enrolled in the plan.

The insurance carrier is 1st Agency. Students must sign up for this insurance program on their website.

  • Choose “Wisconsin” and “South Milwaukee” to gain access to the appropriate school plan.