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April 3-10

Students Bringing Food/Beverages to School

Due to an increase in the volume of personal food and drink deliveries (McDonald's, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.) for students during the school day, we will no longer allow students to accept food deliveries at school. While we understand that there are sometimes special circumstances (class party, food presentation in class, etc.) that would require food to be dropped off, we cannot allow this practice to continue for personal food deliveries during the school day (for lunch or just a "special snack"). Students have access to our food service program during the breakfast and lunch hours, or they can bring their own breakfast and lunch from home if they choose not to purchase from our school program. However, these meals are not meant to be eaten in the classroom. They are meant to be eaten in the commons area. Due to these expectations, special deliveries of food will no longer be accepted by the office staff for students and will be sent back with the person who delivers them.  

In addition, we are seeing an influx in the number of students arriving late to school with outside food and/or drink product in hand. This is unacceptable. If a student is arriving late to school, their priority should and needs to be arriving to school as quickly as possible. When a student arrives late, with outside food and drink product in hand (McDonald's, Starbucks, etc.) it shows that they could have arrived to school earlier, but they chose to stop and get themselves (and, many times their friends) the special order. We cannot send the message that this is acceptable. Therefore, if a student arrives late to school, with outside food and drink product in hand, they will be required to turn the product over to office staff and will then be sent to class. Our priority for our students needs to be on them arriving to school on time, not on getting to school late due to a "coffee run".

High school administration appreciates all parent/guardian and staff support of these expectations.

Thank you.

Beth Kaminski
Principal, South Milwaukee High School


Students who wish to participated in Spring sports, must get a Practice Permit in the Activities/Athletics Office before they can start. Check out the Activities/Athletics webpage for more details on requirements.


The Spring edition of the Rocket Reader Parent Newsletter, which is being mailed to parents on Friday, February 20th, incorrectly lists the Prom Dance (Calendar, Page 8) as being May 2, 2015. The correct date is Saturday, April 25th. 

Please follow this link for more information about Prom.


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