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Safety Mitigation Plans for 2021-22
The School District of South Milwaukee is firmly committed to providing a high quality learning environment at all times. Our number one priority for the school year is to provide in-person instruction for all students on all school days, in a safe manner for students and staff. As such, the district has implemented layers of safety mitigation efforts.

The district believes that vaccination of all eligible individuals is the best and most effective manner to provide safe environments for all. It is fully understood that this is an individual and family choice, however we will continue to encourage and educate related to vaccines.

Masking is also an effective mitigation strategy. Determining who will be required or recommended to wear masks will be dependent upon our community’s burden rate and our own attendance rate. When the community and school metrics are low, there are more options for vaccinated students and staff members

Masks are not required outdoors or at indoor high school athletic events. Masks do not need to be worn while actively eating or drinking. Masks are required on school buses at all times. 

  • Metric Option 1
    • When the City of South Milwaukee burden rate is at 50 or above, or the absence rate for students or staff is at or above 5% due to COVID19 issues, then all students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks at all times in the building.

    • The only exception to this is the Fitness Center when vaccinated members may remove masks if student classes are not present.

  • Metric Option 2
    • If the community burden rate is under 50 (as it was for the majority of the summer) and the absence rate is below 5% for students and staff (as it was for the majority of our in-person learning last year), then the following protocols will be implemented.

    • For fully vaccinated students in grades 7-12 and all vaccinated staff members, wearing a mask is optional. Unvaccinated staff members are required to wear masks, and unvaccinated students will be recommended to wear masks. Visitors will be required to wear masks at all times, with the same exception for the Fitness Center. Vaccinated visitors to the PAC may remove masks inside the theatre if student groups are not present.

Anyone who would prefer to wear a mask in any setting is welcome to do so. We should be kind and respectful of everyone in our community and of their choices at all times.

Other strategies that the district will continue to implement include continuing to provide additional cleaning and sanitizing for high touch surfaces in particular, continuing increased air exchanges and enhanced ventilation options, teaching and reminding students of best practices for hygiene such as hand washing and coughing etiquette, having additional hand sanitizer stations, having students and staff stay home when ill, implementing quarantine and isolation strategies as recommended, and providing screening testing options for all.

Thank you for your support as we do everything possible to keep students in person and safe, while providing an excellent educational experience!

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