Kathleen Braier

Welcome to the world of Psychology

the study of the mind and human behavior!

At South Milwaukee High School these are two classes of Psychology available for students.  Juniors and seniors can take the regular Psychology class, which focuses on areas of study that students can apply to their own lives. Topics include stress, disorders, therapy, child development, personality testing and altered states of consciousness which includes sleep, dreaming, meditation, drug and alcohol treatment.

Juniors and seniors who achieve a grade of a B in the first term of the class and have a 3.0 cum GPA can enroll into the College Level Psychology class taught at the high school. You can take the class for high school class only or enroll at MATC and earn 3 credits. The credits will transfer to most colleges.  This is an introductory class that explores  the main topics in Psychology including research, development, abnormal, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. Students do not have to take regular Psychology before enrolling in the College level, however it is helpful and provides a broader knowledge base.

To contact me, please email: kbraier@sdsm.k12.wi.us

Or call: 414-766-5235

Students in the College Psychology can access current class information through the "Class Moodle."  The link is on the right.

First Semester Schedule
1st block Psychology
2nd block ASPIRE
3rd block College Psychology
4th block Prep
5th block Psychology