Family and Medical Leave Act Information

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available for many employees.  If you need to be absent from work for your serious health condition, the serious health condition of an immediate family member, birth or adoption of a child, or any other condition that you believe may be eligible for this leave please complete an FMLA request form found below to determine your eligibility.

FMLA Request Form
Please complete this form when initially requesting FMLA time off. Please have it signed by your supervisor and return it to the Director of Personnel, Administrative & Legal Services
Return to Work Form
This is the form that needs to be returned prior to your return to work. Please be sure to submit it to your doctor's office in plenty of time to have it returned prior to your first day back to work.
Other Forms
There are other forms necessary to complete during an FMLA leave. These forms will be provided to you upon your request for the leave.