Employment Openings and Opportunities

South Milwaukee Applicant Instructions

Please note that the School District of South Milwaukee only accepts applications on WECAN.  All open professional positions will be posted at that location. Please also note that all teacher, substitute and paraprofessional aide positions will be required to take the TeacherInsight assessment as described below.

The School District of South Milwaukee believes that teachers are critical to student success, and we are committed to placing teachers in positions where they and students will be most successful. As an initial part of our process, we request that you take a web-based assessment designed by Gallup. The assessment comes from research conducted with teachers viewed as most successful.

Please note that taking the assessment, TeacherInsight, will take approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.

You can access TeacherInsight using the URL below or entering the URL from a Web browser. You will need to input the District code listed below.

At the TeacherInsight Log In page you will be asked to create a username (your email address) and a unique password. Please follow the directions carefully for creating a password. You should retain the user name and password to re-enter the TeacherInsight system. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS THE SAME AS THE EMAIL YOU PUT ON YOUR WECAN ACCOUNT. If it does not match we will not have your information in WECAN and will not be able to process your application.

TeacherInsight consists of two types of items: multiple choice and Likert scale. Specific instructions are contained within TeacherInsight.

You should use an Internet browser with the following versions or higher for best results: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape 6.1+ or AOL 9.0+. If using a modem, a minimum of 56K modem is required.

Please complete the TeacherInsight as soon as possible as your application will not be considered until the process is complete. Following completion of the assessment, Gallup will forward us the results. We will then take that information under review as interview determinations are made.

Please note that you may only take the TeacherInsight assessment once every twelve months.

You may access TeacherInsight here.

The District code for South Milwaukee is 24445489.

If you need assistance, please contact Gallup directly using the email link on the Gallup webpage or calling 877-452-5872. The District will be unable to provide technical assistance regarding TeacherInsight.


To attach the requested documents to your WECAN account, click on the "File Attachents" link from your main menu.

Please remember that the School District of South Milwaukee does not consider emails, electronic documents or mailed information when making employment decisions. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you please only use WECAN for application information.

Thank you.


The School District of South Milwaukee is an equal opportunity employer that complies with all state and federal statutes.