Copy Center
Normal operating hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday
The primary purpose of the Copy Center is to provide copies of materials to schools and departments at a minimal cost. The Copy Center attempts to return as many jobs as possible the morning following receipt of job requests. Completion of all jobs is not always possible within the normal workday, as the driver making the pickups does not return to the Copy Center until 10:00 or 11:00 each morning. All jobs received in the Copy Center will be completed according to due date. Please allow ample time for the completion of jobs.
The Copy Center does not promise the return of materials in less than 24 hours but will make every attempt to do so.
The fastest service is achieved by submitting job requests via the network.
Beginning of the School Year:
In the beginning of the school year the Copy Center is overloaded with copy requests which create a backlog on the return of the finished product. Please be sure to only submit requests for copies needed at the beginning of the school year and not for the entire year. This will allow for everyone to get the copies they need in a shorter period of time. Also, if you do request copies at the beginning of the year for use later in the year; please indicate that on the request so that they can be processed with lower priority.
End of the School Year:
At the end of the school year feel free to request copies for the beginning of the school year. The Copy Center will process the requests and have them ready for you at the beginning of the new school year. This may require planning; however it can save time and allow for a lower demand in the beginning of the school year.
·        Currently there is only one pick up and delivery of Copy Center materials to the schools. The delivery starts at 6:30  a.m. daily. Weather and equipment failure may occasionally alter this schedule.
·        The faculty secretary in each school has a list of paper stocked by the Copy Center. 
·        The most cost effective use of the paper is to utilize both sides of the paper whenever possible.
·        A quality original will provide a quality copy. Torn workbook pages, poorly centered originals, and orders with various sizes of pages cause problems in the copying process. 
·        Please remove all staples.
·        Please complete all necessary information on the Duplicating Request Form or for the fastest service, please submit job via the network (see page 2).
·        Requests for less than 10 copies should be completed on the school office copier.
·        When using scrap paper, please put a line through the side you don’t want copied.
·        The computer driven Xerox is very versatile in its ability to create booklets, rotate documents, insert pre-printed documents and attach pre-printed covers.  The largest we can print is 11”X17”.